Lib Dems urge Govt to act now on cost of living crisis

21 Nov 2022

East Herts Lib Dem councillors are to focus on the cost of living crisis calling on Government to act now to alleviate poverty.
At a meeting of the full district council meeting held on Weds, Lib Dems proposed a motion on the cost of living emergency.
This called on Central Government to take measures to alleviate poverty and to help those most in need, including the elderly, the disabled and those on low wages and benefits. The motion received cross-party support and was approved unanimously.
Speaking after the meeting, East Herts Lib Dem leader Cllr Mione Goldspink said: "I was very pleased with the support from all parties.
"My only regret is that we did not mention people who have been hit by the sudden rise in interest rates. This has caused a dramatic rise in many mortgage repayments and many people are facing higher costs of hundreds of pounds per month."
Cllr Chris Wilson (All Saints) added: "It really is an emergency situation when people are struggling to pay their bills and having to make the terrible choice between paying for food or paying for heating."
Cllr Joseph Dumont (Stanstead Abbotts) questioned how large a role Brexit had in the rising costs of food and goods.
While the district Lib Dem group welcomed recognition by the council that a cost of living crisis exists in East Herts, it will continue to lobby Central Government for better support for those in most need.