Hertford & Stortford’s Rail Ticket Offices Saved

7 Nov 2023
Save our ticket offices in East Herts

Local people are celebrating following the Government’s recent u-turn on their plans to close our local Rail Ticket Offices.

Ticket offices across Hertford & Stortford were facing the axe as part of the Conservative Government’s plans to close over 900 ticket offices nationwide.

But a huge public campaign has saved them. Nationwide over 750,000 people responded to the consultation on the plans (with 99% objecting). Here in Hertford & Stortford hundreds of local people opposed the closures and the Liberal Democrats moved a joint Council Motion with Labour calling on the Government to scrap the plans which was passed.

Lib Dem candidate for Hertford & Stortford’s next MP, Helen Campbell said;

“This is a victory for local people. We are delighted the huge campaign against the closures has been successful.”

“Closing our ticket offices would have impacted more vulnerable residents in our community who struggle to use ticket machines or online booking.”

“This fiasco is entirely the fault of the Conservative Government. They put enormous pressure on Rail Companies to make cuts and close ticket offices. But now they have been forced into an embarrassing u-turn.”

“It shows what local people can achieve when we come together. This is a win for Hertford & Stortford residents over an out-of-touch Government.”