Cllr Mione Goldspink's article for "The Flyer", October 2022

22 Oct 2022

Liberal Democrat Views by Mione Goldspink, October 2022.

September was a sad and solemn month for the Country. Queen Elizabeth's death on Thursday, 8th September came as a shock to everyone. It was not entirely unexpected, as everyone knew, logically, that it would happen one day. But logical thought does not prevent nor preclude an emotional reaction, and the loss of our sovereign after 70 years did come as an emotional shock.

Many fitting tributes have been paid to Queen Elizabeth. She gave the United Kingdom 70 years of steadfast, dedicated service, and set an amazing example to us all. She was widely respected in the Commonwealth and around the world. People of faith have given thanks to God for her life and service.

The rituals and customs of Mourning were observed across the nation, with thousands of people coming out to join the events and to pay their respects to her late Majesty. Many ancient, historic procedures were followed with dignity and care, and these ensured the seamless continuity of our Constitutional Monarchy. I felt great human sympathy for our new King, King Charles III, as, at a time of personal grief and sadness, he and all the Royal Family showed much courage and dignity as they did everything that was required of them.

God Save the King! We are all adjusting to the new words.

I am sure that I speak for many when I say that I wish him well in his new role. I wish him wisdom and strength. I hope that he will retain his ability to listen to people of all backgrounds, and I fervently hope that he will continue to be a champion for the Environment.

I am struck by the difference between the running of the Monarchy and Royal Events, and the running of Parliament and Democracy. The former seems to be dignified, unselfish and respectful of everyone, whilst the latter is sometimes petty, selfish, and often rudely disrespectful. I wonder if our new Prime Minister might be able to initiate a more courteous, respectful form of behaviour for all our politicians. I do hope so.

Within all tiers of Government there needs to be good consultation with local people, and their elected representatives have a duty to listen carefully to the results. There should be robust discussion, conducted in a timely and respectful manner, so that all views are heard, and then good decisions can be made. East Herts Council conducted 3 different Public Consultations this summer. There was one on the Supplementary Planning Document for the Old River Lane site, one for the proposed new Car Parking Charges, and one about the Household Waste Collection service. I hope that people were aware of all these consultations and found the time to participate. I will be looking very closely at the Results, and hope that the Council will make some good decisions.

Mione Goldspink


East Herts District Councillor

Lib-Dem Group Leader, EHDC.